GTM Amateur Golf Tour

The Richmond Cup 2019

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Rules & Format

Tour Rules

Only GTM Tour members are eligible to compete in Tour Schedule

All competition will be under USGA and Local Golf Club Rules

Only Amateur golfers can compete – no player with pro status allowed

Tour will be limited to first 120 members

Final decisions on all disputes before, during, or after play will be in the hands of the golf venue pro and GTM Tour  Director

Slow play- first a warning and then 1 stroke penalty

No practice round or 9 holes at tour venue on same day allowed before playing a tour event

Entry for each event must be submitted 7 days before event

Tour events begin at 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM & Registration opens at 10:30 AM or 10:30 AM - Check Schedule for times.

Tour Format

Tour event will be Stroke Play with tour members placed in flights based on handicap. This will allow competition between players of equal playing status at all events.

Tour Members will play 1 tee up from back tees of each golf venue

Tour Members 60 and over will play 2 tees up (White Tees usually)

Women Tour Members will play Red Tees

All ties will be decided by USGA rules- Back 9 Back 6 Back 3

Player Flights

1st Flight 0.0-7.0

2nd Flight 7.1 to 13.0

3rd Flight 13.1-18.0

4th Flight 18.1 - 24

24 handicap is the highest allowed so anyone over will play as a 24. 

Prizes & Awards

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each flight at each GTM Tour Tournament will be awarded a Trophy, Prizes, & Cash Gift Cards. The purse will be based on player participation. All awards will follow restrictions and limits for amateur status based on USGA rules.

Tour Winners will be recognized in local media outlet with pictures after each event.

Points for Player of the Year Per Event

1st Place each flight 75 points           6th Place each flight 25 points

2nd Place each flight 60 points          7th Place each flight 20 points

3rd Place each flight 50 points           8th Place each flight 15 points

4th Place each flight 40 points           9th Place each flight 10 points

5th Place each flight 30 points          10th Place each flight 5 points

Tour Costs

Tour yearly Membership Dues is $85- includes a portion of costs for awards, prizes, charity, and administration

Tour events cost $65 - Includes Golf, Cart, Range Balls, Cash Gift Cards, Lunch, Prizes & Awards

Payment by Credit Card or Check. If you pay day of tournament and are a no show, you must pay fee at next event before playing.

Tour Championship

Top 40 Tour Players (total accumulated points over the year) within the 4 flights after 8 qualifying events will play for Player of the Year Honors, Trophy, Blue Jacket, Prizes, and Cash Gift Cards.

Player of the Year will be honored at Championship when the Tour Player with the most accumulated points at the end of the Championship is crowned.

Flight Champions at Tour Championship will also win awards, prizes, & cash gift cards.

Handicap Rule “Sandbagger Rule”

All Tour members will play with a verifiable handicap. GTM holds the right to adjust a players handicap if after 2 events scores are posted that are in access of 6 strokes of the verifiable handicap. The player will compete in the next 2 events with a handicap based on the 2 scores in question.

Rain Out Policy

If tournament is canceled payment will be extended to next event tour player participates in.

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